Research Introduction of
Kunihiro Nishimura, Ph.D.


Reseach about Visualization and Computational Biology

Analysis of Genome Data

I study on a analysis of genome data, especially I focus on microarray data, such as gene expression and copy number data. I use Affymetrix Gene-Chip data that are mesured by our Genome Science Lab. We have huge data set of cancer and normal samples. I analyze these data set by computational approach. Main topics are how to integrate various kinds of data set to one environment and how to interpret them biologically.

Visualization of Genome Data

In order to deal with huge data intuitively, I think information visualization is an effective approach. Presenting both whole data and a part of data enable us to grasp whole view and precise view of the data.

I have developped an interactive genome viewer which can integrate various types of microarray data. Users can zoom-in and zoom-up with intuitive manipulations. I also have developped an LOH(loss of heterozygosity) viewer that enables us to grasp the signature of LOH amoung many samples. For example, lung cancer samples have many LOH regions and they are common at the specific locus. My result of visualization enables us to find out such regions.

Visualization of Working History and Interaction History

This project is suported by Microsft IJARC (Institute for Japanese Academic Research & Collaboration).

I will study a method to visualize user's interaction history and work history automatically in order to support user's huge-data search and analysis. When the work process and history are visualized, a user can do trial and error method and access their work history when he/she can go and back on the result of visualization. It reduces user's workload of his/her working memory and makes user understand the whole and detail view of work process easily. This leads to the provision of the system that support user’s thinking.

Visualization for Genome Data using Virtual Reality Technology

The purpose of my study is to apply virtual reality technology to support genome researchers in their genome analysis. It is important how to interpret huge genome data in the day when human genome sequences have been decoded. Systems are required in the field of genome science for gene function analysis or for drug development. I study visualization methodology for genome data to support the analysis and am developing systems to support genome science researchers.

I concentrated on developing the way to visualize the biological and genome information. I study the way to analyze the genome data, for example, the gene expression data.

I studied the construction of virtual environments for gene expression data using an immersive projection technology. I have visualized the gene expression data and have developed the virtual environments using CABIN, one of immersive projection displays. I have proposed virtual environment design guidelines using "Lab Bench Metaphor" and "Road Metaphor".

The genome science part of my research is in the field of "Bioinformatics", "Genome Information Science", or "Information Biology". The visualization and construction of virtual environments part of my research is in the field of "Human Interface", "Information Visualization", and "Virtual Reality".