Unlimited Corridor

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Do you want to walk around in virtual reality freely ?
The main contribution is to realize an efficient redirected working (RDW) technique by utilizing haptic cues for strongly modifying our spatial perception. Some research has shown that users can be redirected on a circular arc with a radius of at least 22 m without being able to detect the inconsistency by showing a straight path in the virtual world. However, this is still too large to enable the presentation of a demonstration in a restricted space. Although most of RDW techniques only used visual stimuli, we recognize space with multi-modalities. Therefore, we propose an RDW method using the visuo-haptic interaction, and develop the system, which displays a visual representation of a flat wall and users virtually walk straight along it, although, in reality, users walk along a convex surface wall with touching it. For the demonstration, we develop the algorithm, with which we can modify the amount of distortion dynamically to make a user walk straight infinity and turn a branch freely. With this system, multiple users can walk an endless corridor in a virtual environment at the same time.


Unlimited Corridor Project Team (Represent: Keigo Matsumoto)

松本 啓吾 / Keigo Matsumoto

鳴海 拓志 / Takuji Narumi

簗瀬 洋平 / Yohei Yanase
1976年、北海道生まれ。Unity Technologies Japan プロダクト・エヴァンジェリスト。ゲームデザインの経験を活かし、学術的な知見を使ったコンテンツづくりを研究。

伴 祐樹 / Yuki Ban

Publications & Awards

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