Yusuke Ujitoko

Yubi-Toko: Finger Walking in Snowy Scene using Pseudo-haptic Technique on Touchpad

“Yubi-Toko” is a touchpad system in which users can walk in a snowy scene using their fingers. Users feel the difficulty in moving forward caused as generated by a pseudo-haptic technique.


for iPad Air/Air2 are downloadable on appstore.


This study explores the possibility of providing users with a pseudo-haptic effect using a touch panel. Pseudo-haptics encompasses a cross-modal effect between the visual and the haptic senses. The illusion is produced by an appropriate sensory inconsistency between the physical movement of the body and the observed movement of a virtual pointer. However, an overly large discrepancy between the visual and the proprioceptive information makes users feel something "odd". Thus, it is difficult to evoke pseudo-haptics for conventional touch panels because of the noticeable difference in movement between an input finger and a pointer. Another problem is that the pointer on a touch panel is often occluded by the user's finger, making it difficult to use. In this study, we aim to provide users with a pseudo-haptic sensation through a background image instead of a pointer as visual feedback. It is assumed that even if the effect of sensory conflict is small, many of them during repetitive movement would make users feel a pseudo-haptic sensation. We applied this idea to a locomotion interface using anthropomorphic finger motion on a touch panel. By changing the ratio between the displacement of the finger and the amount of scroll of the visual ground, we would like to provide users with pseudo-haptic feedback as the perception of difficulty in moving forward. Walking on the virtual ground by scrolling down the display is a short-term iterative finger movement, and thus, many small inconsistency effects would be effective. The occlusion problem does not occur because the full screen is used as visual feedback.


宇治土公雄介,伴祐樹,鳴海拓志,谷川智洋,広田光一,廣瀬通孝: Yubi-Toko:タッチパネルにおける擬似触力覚を利用した移動インタフェース,第七回多感覚研究会2015,東京女子大学,2015(demo)

Yusuke Ujitoko, Yuki Ban, Takuji Narumi, Tomohiro Tanikawa, Koichi Hirota, Michitaka Hirose : Yubi-Toko: Finger Walking in Snowy Scene using Pseudo-haptic Technique on Touchpad, SIGGRAPH Asia 2015 Emerging Technologies, 2015(demo) PDF

宇治土公雄介,伴祐樹,鳴海拓志,谷川智洋,広田光一,廣瀬通孝: Yubi-Toko:タッチパネルにおける擬似触力覚を利用した移動インタフェース,CEATEC 2015, 幕張メッセ, 2015(demo)

宇治土公 雄介: Yubi-Toko, 東京大学制作展 EXTRA 2015「グッバイ・マイ・ボディ」, 東京大学工学部二号館,2015(demo)

宇治土公 雄介: 指人形 雪上を歩く, 第16回東京大学 制作展 2014, 東京大学工学部二号館,2014(demo)


宇治土公雄介,伴祐樹,鳴海拓志,谷川智洋,広田光一,廣瀬通孝: タッチパネル上での反復動作におけるPseudo-haptics, 日本VR学会第20回大会予稿集, 2015(paper)

Yusuke Ujitoko, Koichi Hirota: Impact of Illusory Resistance on Finger Walking Behavior, IEEE VR, 2015(poster)


Introduced at 触感コンテンツ100選

Introduced at Microsoft ExpertZone